Being a small community, we get to know our members really well and feel a part of their journey.

We'll help in any way we can, and our amazing team of mentors, investors and advisors can be relied up to help move your business forward.

Here are some of our alumni.


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Bloomsbury AI

Raised £1.4m while in and sold to Facebook for around $30m

Pierre-Jean Camillieri ( and Guillaume Bourchard (Bloomsbury AI) at one of our meetups, probably discussing AI...

Pierre-Jean Camillieri ( and Guillaume Bourchard (Bloomsbury AI) at one of our meetups, probably discussing AI...

Co-founded by UCL Machine Learning specialist Guillaume Bouchard, Bloomsbury AI had a mission to make it easier for people to talk to their computers using natural language. They created a system which reads your website and documents, learning about the topics contained in them, then you’re able to ask it questions. They were one of BLOOM.SPACE’s first members, joining because of the proximity to the UCL talent pool, the location (in Bloomsbury!) and our flexible approach - their team expanded and contracted frequently during their journey as they acquired different skills sets.

Bloomsbury AI spent a year with us and we were pleased to provide them with space, support and help with recruiting new team members form the tech startup world. They joined straight after finishing the Entrepreneur First programme, having formed their team and were looking for an inexpensive, flexible and supporting co-working environment.

Guillaume’s father owns a vineyard and his wine was always an integral part of our meet-ups!

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Raised around £400k while incubating in going on to raise an further £380k from investors we introduced them to.

infloAI joined us when we opened and stayed for over a year while growing their date supply technology. It uses artificial intelligence to scrape the web and find streams of data specific to your needs. 

Founded by Adam Benzecrit and Toby Cockayne they originally focused on sports data, broadening their offering later to include financial data and more.

We introduced them to key investors, helped them recruit talent, provided flexible work space and gave them beer throughout.


Raised a $750k seed round while incubating in

A virtual colleague for marketing execs, utilising Artificial Intelligence to make marketing faster, affordable and more effective.

Aiden had a small team which formed during Entrepreneur First and came to BLOOM.SPACE straight after to incubate and grow for around 6 months before raising $750k in a seed round and moving to larger premises as their team expanded. We helped them with recruiting talent, promoting their roles to our networks and providing flexible low-cost office space. Aiden made use of our hot desks and their team grew fast!

They were voted one of the Top 5 Digital Companies in London in 2017 and have seen the likes of Nicolas Pinto (now Deep Learning Lead at Apple) invest in their company.

Co-founded by Marie Outtier - one of London’s leading female AI entrepreneurs - and Pierre-Jean Camillieri

Marie, PJ and Akram from

Marie, PJ and Akram from



Raised £1.1m while incubating in is a machine learning startup who've developed systems to monitor CCTV feeds, reporting automatically when events like accidents, thefts, congestion, etc occur. joined BLOOM.SPACE after completing their acceleration at Entrepreneur First. They raised £1.1m in their seed round while incubating with us for 6 months.

They were great to have around and we helped with introductions and promoting their roles to our network so they could recruit new talent.

Co-founded by Boris Ploix and Mohammad Rashid Khan 


One of our Demo Day events after Bloom Accelerate: