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BLOOM.SPACE is home to a large network of entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, professional trainers, academics and business owners. We have one thing in common - we want to help you grow your business!

As a BLOOM.SPACE Member, it’s free for you to book time with a mentor, coaching with an expert, consultations with industry professionals, attend our training, come to events and gain access to a huge network of entrepreneurs, investors and support.

Starting and growing a business is very hard work and it often feels like you’re doing it all on your own. We have experts from every field of business in our network and will help you find someone who will help.




Evaluating the idea - is it likely to make money?

Looking ahead - what’s your motivation for starting a business?

Choosing the right business structure - Limited Company? Partnership? CIC?

Registering the company, getting the right insurance

Setting up the accounting and payment systems

Planning and implementing your IT systems 

Setting up the right social media channels

Getting the Business Plan underway

Getting your Minimum Viable Products

Selling to your first customers

Iterating and improving your product

Hot desk membership of BLOOM.SPACE

Professional office to give the right impression

An instant network of like-minded entrepreneurs


Getting Established

Growing your staff team

Recruitment, job descriptions and contracts

Cost effective ways to scale the company

Introductions to collaborators and partners

Applying for grants

Introductions to prototyping and manufacturing plants

Expanding overseas

Innovating and ideating - what’s your next product?

Fixed desks for a permanent presence in BLOOM.SPACE
Professional office for your team

Meeting space for your business

A supportive network of like-minded business founders


Ready for Investment

What do investors want to see?

Creating and presenting an effective pitch deck

Are you pitching for the right amount?

Valuing your business

Introductions to investors, both UK and international

Private offices and a professional environment

A London base to meet investors in

Presentation suits for pitching

Recruiting the right team

Access to world-class talent from world-class universities 


1 Personal Membership (£150pcm per person, no VAT to add)

You have full access to our network, events and more importantly the Bloom Mentors. We are expanding our pool of mentors all the time and will help you find people who are specialists in your area to work with. This is not an unlimited resource, but you'll get introductions to some very useful people and will be able to liaise with them on meetings, etc. You'll be able to book time with a Bloom Mentor when you need to. Included is Hot Desk use of BLOOM.SPACE on Gower Street, in Worcestershire and the partner sites abroad.


Business Membership (£350pcm per person, no VAT to add)

This level of membership suits businesses which have made progress into the MVP stage, testing markets, etc

You get the same benefits as Personal Membership, plus additional introductions with mentors (i.e. those who work with more established startups), time focused on getting customers / investment / pitching / creating slide decks, etc. In addition, you can have a Fixed Desk in BLOOM.SPACE on Gower Street or in Worcestershire if needed, plus Hot Desk access to the partner sites.


With both memberships, you can register your company at 52 Gower Street (our City campus) or the Worcestershire campus and have lockers for £40pcm

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