Home to food our business incubator. 

Do you have an idea for a

  • Street food stall?
  • Catering business?
  • Coffee shop?
  • Restaurant?

We can provide you with the training and support you need to make it a reality!

Our food business incubator is designed to provide a low-cost supportive environment for you to test your food startup idea.

Working with Somers Town Community Association, we are able to provide a fully equipped commercial kitchen, a cafe that's open to the public, private dining restaurant and street food stalls, as well as the training and advice you need to get your food business off the ground!

Your startup costs will be minimal and there are no long-term agreements to sign up to. You'll receive all the help and support you need to test your idea and see if it's something you can make a go of!

We will help you test your idea, grow it and then support your transition into a new environment where you'll be able to maintain your new, sustainable business and create jobs and opportunities for many people.

You'll learn from experienced industry professionals, entrepreneurs from the food sector, finance and marketing experts, and people who's made a success of businesses just like yours!


Pricing will vary a lot depend on what services you need, what facilities you use and how often, but it is affordable to access our services if you're setting up a food business, so do get in touch!

Call or email for more information:  020 3322 3301