Want to get there quicker?

Our intensive mentoring, training and support programmes run throughout the year, called Bloom Accelerate.

We don’t invest cash and we don’t take equity. This means we have programmes suitable for very type of business - kitchen table craft, food startups, part time creative, fashion, software, apps, as well as high growth tech - everyone is welcome!

100% of your businesses remains yours, we help you make it Bloom!

You’ll get:

  • A structured multi-week programme with a timetable of support
  • Masses of one-to-one mentoring with experts - at least 2 meetings a week
  • An instant network of entrepreneurs and advisors
  • Workshops and masterclasses from industry experts
  • Guest entrepreneur talks when they share their successes and failures
  • Peer-to-peer workshops
  • Pitching advice and practice
  • Focus groups to test your ideas
  • Introductions to investors, if that's what you need (if you're not looking for investment, that's fine too)
  • Great colleagues and friends to share your journey with

We ran an 8 week programme over summer 2017 - here’s the case studies of some of the startups

infographics v2.png

We’ll be running more Bloom Accelerate programmes soon.

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