A team of security cleared UK ex-defence specialists providing tailored cyber security services to companies and private individuals.

Founder: Ashley Adkins


A B2B sports data aggregator, using AI to create bespoke feeds from hundreds of sources. Sportr pivoted from ‘SportsFix’ and was voted Top 10 App in Seedrs' pan-European ‘Big App’ competition, hosted by Facebook.

Co-Founders: Adam Benzecrit & Toby Cockayne


A great app for matching tourists with local hosts. Let "ordinary people" show you round and explore the city like a native!

CEO: Nick Whitfield

Bloomsbury AI

An artificial intelligence engine allowing humans to code using natural language, allowing us all to easily customise web applications and more.

CEO: Guillaume Bouchard


Creating statistical methods to improve the efficiency of drug discovery and other experimentation. Stop wasting time and money doing predictably unnecessary experiments!

Founder: Oleg Volkov

the good coach

Allowing practitioners to share their opinions and offer their experience of coaching, learn from each other and provide a genuine 'roundtable' for everyone to participate in.

Founder: Yvonne Thackray

Leave a Nest

A Japanese knowledge platform specialising in science and technology, encouraging interesting in engineering industries amongst the younger generation.

UK Lead: Shohei Michael Maekawa



Using Artificial Intelligence to reduce costs of monitoring data inputs like CCTV in a robust way, with improved accuracy, continually adapting to the environment.

Co-Founders: Mohammad Rashid Khan and Boris Ploix

neo AI

Enabling faster processing of neural networks in the cloud so they can run on local devices. Reduces the costs of using neural networks and increases the number of devices that can use them.

Co-Founders: Ivan Kavalerov and Ravi Patel


Combining invention and inventory, these guys are creating a platform where you can trade patents!

Co-Founders: Chris Romer and Jason Ornstein


A community for contractors, a place to network and find new work. Launching in Financial Services, Legal and Technology sectors with more to come. It’s your Life, Make it Work.

Founder: Amanda Cai

Cambrian Intelligence

Developing next generation teleoperation systems with VR/AR components. Creating an intuitive and modular universal interface for robot teleoperation. Also experimenting with teleop as a tool to program robots through demonstration.

Co-Founders: Hamid Reza Zaheri and Miika Pera

Providing your company with tailor-made marketing using artificial intelligence!

Co-Founders: Marie Outtier and PJ Camillieri